Dec 062013

We are looking into the next generation of Raspberry Pi equipment. And we see micro SD cards!

We’ve tried the Adafruit and the pIO adapter. The pIO is a better solution in our view for fixed installations of Raspberry Pis – the card is mounted sideways and can’t be removed that easily. Plus, the machining on the case looks nicer.

Here are some first photos:


This case has a transparent bottom, so you can see the machining for the pIO adapter.

Right now, it is a bit too small to fit the microSD card perfectly ( I believe this case actually was machined for the Adafruit adapter originally). We will work with our partner TEKO to ensure a perfect fit, of course!


As you can see, the µSD card can’t be retrieved from the case without actually opening it. Nothing sticks out!

TEKO is looking into providing some rubber plugs for the opening (a new mould for the case is possible, but expensive).


This is another view of the SD card slot.

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