Nov 262013

We need to debug / reenable the VoIP connection, as Hetzner has switched routers. The new routers drop fragmented UDP packets which used to do our SIP messages.

The best way to reach us in the meantime is via our contact form. We will get back to you by mail or phone asap (we can place outgoing calls, still.)

Update (06.12.13)

We can be reached by phone again, but the connection drops after two minutes.

Huge thanks go out to the Null Team of YATE fame for putting up a new Alpha in a couple of days which fixes a TCP/IP buffering bug we encountered in the transition.

We need to continue to debug this.

No thanks to Hetzner for switching perfectly good equipment and breaking functioning setups without advance warning … ! There must be other alternatives than discarding fragmented UDP packets.

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