Jan 102013

Right now I am evaluating the new BerryBoot and OpenELEC version – it works great for DVD playback, and uses the full 512 MB without extra configuration!



I’ve got an external BlueRay Writer by Samsung attached to our pi3g Raspberry Pi Basic Edition  – without cooling. All Raspberry Pi boards you can buy in our shop ship the 512 MB version.


It runs BerryBoot (release from December 2012), with the newest OpenELEC (also released in December 2012) – installed from berryboot. If you don’t know berryboot yet, you should check it out. It allows for a Multi-boot Raspberry Pi environment and can install a choice of distributions by click of mouse.

I also have the MPEG-2 and VC-1 decoder licenses installed on the Pi. They are necessary for fluid MPEG-2 decoding (DVD codec).



  • The new OpenELEC version runs much smoother on the Pi (higher frame rates)
  • The BluRay Writer works just out of the box – no driver installation / fiddling necessary
    • attach it before the system starts!
  • A main menu item “Play Disc” will appear once you insert a DVD or CD
    • if you hover over this menuitem, a submenu “eject disc” will appear. You can of course guess what will happen if you use it :-)
  • not all DVD menus will be usable. We expect that to be fixed / worked upon in future OpenELEC releases.


OpenELEC accessing the full 512 MB (some is reserved for the GPU). No special modifications / settings have been done to achieve this – it just works :-)

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