Jul 032013

Using a Raspberry Pi as a router with AICCU / SIXXS is possible, but there are a couple of “gotchas”.


Get IPv6 tunnel

Go to SixXS and get your tunnel. (Free) This will be enough to connect the Raspberry via IPv6 to the Internet. If you want to bring other machines online, too, you will need to request and set up a subnet.

(This is in progress)

Add routing for local network

Now, you need to add the routing for the local network. We will assume that the network interface you want to add it to is “br0” (most probably this will be either eth0 or wlan0 for you!). Also, that the /64 network assigned to you by SiXXS is 2001:db8:384e:8888::/64

ip route add 2001:db8:384e:8888::/64 dev br0

Basically, this tells your Raspberry, if traffic is for machines in this network, it should not be forwarded through the SiXXS tunnel, but rather it should be sent out through br0. As I have said before, adjust br0 to eth0 / wlan0 if necessary.

(Note: this should be set up permanently as post-up rule).

Some Cool Things to do with IPv6

Copy Files from one host to another

scp -6 pi@[2001:db8:384e:8888:ba27:ebff:fe18:bb4c]:/scripts/ctemp.rb /webroot/temp/ctemp.rb

This will copy the file “/scripts/ctemp.rb” from the host 2001:db8:384e:8888… to /webroot/temp/ctemp.rb on the local computer, using the username “pi” on the remote computer. Yes, you will be able to do this into your home network, if IPv6 is set up correctly! Never again files forgotten at home Smile

Q & A

Can I have a “normal” router which is separate from the Raspberry for IPv4 routing?

Yes. This is the purpose of the whole idea – the Raspberry acting as “IPv6 gateway” on your local network.

What is 2001:db8::?

This is a special prefix used for documentation purposes. Your real adress will have different numbers / letters in it.

What kind of speed can I expect?

OK, please lower your expectations right now. Maybe there is optimisation potential, but here’s our first quick test:


We used ipv6-test.com/speedtest to run the test.

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