Nov 262012


Unhappy that you didn’t get the new 512 MB Raspberry Pi? pi3g will exchange your old Raspberry Pi Model B 256 MB for a brand-new 512 MB model. Here’s how:

We’ll swap your 256 MB Raspi for a new 512 MB one:

For the upcoming holiday season, we are offering a special deal – get our 157,95 € “granite” Pi Complete package with a 25 €  discount, if you send us your Model B 256 MB Raspberry Pi.

Plus, we’re currently offering free shipping to Germany for all orders over 100 €.  Of course we will also ship to other countries – if in doubt, drop us a note and we will work something out (you may need a travel adapter for the power if you can’t plug European plugs into your sockets directly).

Limited availability

This deal is only valid until the 31. December 2012, 23:59:59. Upgrade now, into a wonderful world of double the RAM AND accessoires you always secretly craved for:

Pi Complete Granite Edition

Here’s what is inside this truly complete package (granite edition) of Raspberry Pi goodies:

Raspberry Pi & power

  • Raspberry Pi, newest Modell  B, 512 MB version
  • stylish and robust case by TEKO (TEK-BERRY), with QR Code 
  • 1 A power adapter for mains power (European standard) and
  • car adapter (12 V cigarette lighter plug) for the Raspberry Pi


Cables & adapters

  • HDMI high speed cable 2 m
  • HDMI / DVI adapter
  • network cable 2 m
  • audio cable (3.5” plug to two RCA plugs) 1,5 m 
  • video cable (RCA plug / RCA plug) 2 m

Memory & quick start

  • 8 GB Class 10 high-quality Samsung SD (shock-proof, magnet-proof, splashproof – see packaging) pre-loaded with BerryBoot – you can choose your own combination of OSes
  • 16 GB Class 6 high-quality Samsung SD (same as above! They’re a rock-solid deal) pre-loaded with RaspBMC
  • DVD containing several different installer images and tools for your convenience – if the DVD image is ready when you order, you will get it.

USB peripherals

  • stylish mouse
  • splashproof, rollable, flexible keyboard multimedia keyboard (better typing!)
  • SD reader – easily transfer new images to your SD cards
  • powered 4-port USB Hub (2 A power supply included!)


  • WiFi Adapter with detachable antenna (TP Link TL-WN722N)
  • Bluetooth Adapter, supports Bluetooth V2.1

Breadboard & GPIO gear

  • breadboard
  • wire jumpers for the breadboard
  • connectors from GPIO header to the breadboard

As you can see this package is truly complete. But we’ve still got some surprises up our sleeves. Find out which when you order the package!


(The image shows only part of the kit)

Get yours now in our brand-new shop!

The Pi Complete Granite Edition is an offer by IdeaDay Maximilian Batz. Please see for contact details.

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