Jan 112014
Introducing pi.card – Halfsize SD card for the Raspberry Pi

Once upon a time, there was a Raspberry Pi which wanted a shorter card. Luckily, pi3g came to the rescue. Today, we are very proud to introduce our newest product: pi.card – half the size, double the fun Size & Compatibility pi.card is halt the height of your usual SDHC card, a perfect fit for […]

Dec 102013
pi3g’s Christmas present to our international customers

We have lowered our shipping rates in our store from 16,50 € to 11,25 € – worldwide. Have yourself a berry Christmas! The shop is still in German, but we’re going to switch to WooCommerce most probably, soon – and it will be in English, then. Please bear with us. If you want to buy […]

Dec 062013
Mounting a rotary switch on the pi3g case

This is a prototype for a project with an Austrian partner, with a rotary switch mounted inside a pi3g case. We are able to provide custom machining on our custom cases, and assembly services. Please contact us if you are interested. Case closed, rotary switch is mounted. The opening had to be enlarged for a […]

Nov 262013

We need to debug / reenable the VoIP connection, as Hetzner has switched routers. The new routers drop fragmented UDP packets which used to do our SIP messages. The best way to reach us in the meantime is via our contact form. We will get back to you by mail or phone asap (we can […]

Oct 252013

We have already blogged about a better approach to use FreeRDP (with the DirectFB rendering backend) on the Raspberry Pi (here). We have been promising an easy-to-install package. Now we are deliviring this promise! (This article will be updated with more information shortly. Please refer to our original article for more hints & information about […]

Oct 222013
Münchener Start-up Demo Night

Die Vorbereitungen laufen bei uns auf Hochtouren, wir haben einige recht interessante Demo-Anwendungen zusammengestellt. So eine Messe ist immer eine perfekte Gelegenheit, frischen Wind in die Firma hereinzubringen, und kurzfristig die Prioritäten etwas zu verändern – Resultat ist ein neuer Folder-Flyer, auf den ich persönlich recht stolz bin. Die durchgearbeitete Nacht hat sich gelohnt! Erste […]

Oct 082013

There have been a couple of posts here about the TP-Link TL-WN725 wireless adapter and its problems (see here for details). This post will give instructions on how to use the pi3g package repository to install the driver. This means that if you’re running Raspbian, you don’t have to compile anything and will receive updates […]

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