Apr 222013

Right now, we have launched a Spanish Amazon sales account. We will be using the Fulfillment by Amazon in Spain service. Products will be added in the next couple of days, prices will be set, and we will ship our first batch of stock to Amazon in Spain until the end of next week, if everything works as expected.

Our customers in Spain should be able to profit by much speedier fulfillment & lower shipping charges (2,99 € per default, or free with Amazon Premium account).

What country should we put on our list next? Italy, UK, the US, or something else alltogether?

  • Michael Cecchin

    I am an amazon seller within the US and I am thinking about listing products in spain as well as I contemplate moving to Barcelona (as I have lived there before). I would love to chat sometime about your experience on amazon.es and perhaps I could even share some tips to help increase your sales. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to chat.

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