Jan 212013

If you, like me, end up having a lot of SDHC test cards (before releasing them to our RPI shop we have to test them!) you may end up wondering whether there is still something important on them, or if you can re-flash them with the newest and greatest Raspbian, XBian or whatever.

the-magician-shows-two-sdhcs-trickUse Raspberry Pi itself

Well – one way is to use the Raspberry Pi itself with another SDHC card which boots, to look at the contents. Raspbian can look at a broad array of different filesystems. Another advantage: you will be able to write to these SDHC cards, too. For instance, you could fix a broken boot sequence or wrong config.txt parameters which prevent you from using the Raspberry Pi.

Read SDHC cards on Windows

But there’s also an option to do this on Windows. If your Windows box happen to be on, or you have only one SDHC and it’s “bricked”, you may want to recover some data from it before reflashing.

We recommend you to get the Diskinternals Freeware Linux-Reader – it will show you a list of partitions, and even has a file preview box where you can see the file’s contents.

  • I should mention that using Linux-Reader, you’ll have to open the Image file as a “RAW file”.
    I used Win32-DiskImager to read an SD card to my hard-drive, and Linux-Reader mounted it like a charm.

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