May 042014
BananaPi – erster Eindruck und Vergleich mit dem Raspberry Pi

Gestern erhielten wir ein Paket aus China, mit einem BananaPi als Inhalt. Wie grün noch ist diese in den Markt gebrachte Banane? Reift sie genauso wie “Banana Software” erst mit der Zeit nach? Hier ist unser erster Eindruck von der neuen Platine, die dem Raspberry Pi Konkurrenz machen möchte! Auspacken Unsere Banana Pi Platine kommt […]

Apr 272014
Free Shipping to UK

Starting from today, we are offering free (uninsured) shipping to the United Kingdom for all products in our new international shop: Get your unique British Edition kit now ! It sports our 16 GB pi.card half-size SD card as additional unique feature! We will be adding a choice of additional kits with British power […]

Apr 212014

This is heavily based on this Wiki entry. Go there to read more about the background of toolchains. As a quick summary for you: we want compilation to be faster than on the Raspberry Pi. MUCH faster. Set up crosscompiling Create / use an Ubuntu machine. I use 12.04 LTS. You can check your Ubuntu […]

Apr 212014
Compiling xpra for the Raspberry Pi

First of all, remove xpra and cython if you had them installed: aptitude purge xpra cython Update your package lists, as we are going to install a lot of packages: aptitude update Prepare required prerequisites Then follow the instructions on the xpra Wiki for building Ubuntu / Debian style: apt-get install libx11-dev libxtst-dev libxcomposite-dev libxdamage-dev […]

Apr 202014
Xephyr, xpra, xnest: Streaming a multimedia remote desktop

We’re working on streaming a multimedia remote desktop to the Raspberry Pi. In the future we envision, you shall be able to use a webbrowser on the Pi at normal speeds – including YouTube videos, etc. – operate with CPU / GPU intensive applications – as all the processing is done on a server, and […]

Apr 192014

libavg is a German project to ease the building of multimedia applications – this can be anything from a movie / touch interface installation in a museum to a quick demo of a future application you throw together yourself, before (if needed) delving into “hardcore” programming. libavg supports a variety of text, graphics, audio and […]

Apr 042014
Touchscreen calibration with GUI

This is a quick introduction how to calibrate our touchscreen. I freely admit this is heavily based on Adafruit’s tutorial – I hope we will be able to return the favour for you guys one day! I suggest for you to run the commands in the following tutorial in a separate SSH shell, opened from […]

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